At NSE, we have our own workshop and breakdown service to keep the fleet in tip-top shape and minimise stoppages for customers.


As well as servicing and maintenance, our workshop is fully equipped to be able to turn around minor and complex repairs fast. We also provide these services to other transporters. We have our own fully-equipped painting booth.


Need to prepare a truck for its motor vehicle test? Our team of experienced technicians thoroughly checks the vehicle and conducts the requisite (brake) tests. That ensures that the truck sails through the motor vehicle test first time.


Our breakdown service is on call 24/7 to deal with engine trouble or flat tyres. Our mechanics answer callouts within a radius of 300 km to minimise delays.

Our workshop

The NSE workshop is fully equipped to repair trucks and semitrailers fast. Bumper damage? Flat tyre? Engine problems? Our experienced mechanics draw on their professional skills to carry out all repairs.


Our workshop is equipped to service, maintain and repair all types of truck and semitrailer, including those used by other transporters. We even have a brake test bench to prepare trucks for the motor vehicle test. That saves a lot of time later.


Problems with the onboard computer? We can solve those too. We have everything needed to assemble, strip and repair car cubes in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


Because our fleet is replaced at a fast rate, our mechanics are always up to speed with the latest techniques and technologies and know the most recent models inside out. They receive training from the manufacturer when a new type of truck is launched.


These excellent maintenance facilities ensure that our fleet is always in perfect condition. An extra guarantee of prompt, safe transport!

Maintenance, Repairs & Tests

In our workshop we maintain and service all types of truck and semitrailer, carry out minor and major repairs, and prepare the trucks for their motor vehicle test. That goes for our own fleet and for the vehicles of other transporters.


The NSE workshop is equipped to repair any type of damage to trucks and trailers. We have a large stock of tyres and the most common spare parts to speed up repairs. MAN and DAF are especially well represented, but other makes are also welcome in our workshop for repairs or servicing. Our excellent contacts with the big makes mean all parts are immediately available, minimising downtimes.


Customers can sign a servicing contract with NSE. Under the terms of the contract their trucks are regularly inspected and serviced in our workshop. So customers can be confident of safe and prompt transport.


To save valuable time, all our vehicles are thoroughly inspected and prepared for the motor vehicle test. We also offer this service to other transport companies. Our workshop has its own brake test bench. This enables our mechanics to accurately assess the brakes and replace them as needed. Ensuring that every vehicle waltzes through its motor vehicle test and can get back on the road without unnecessary downtime.

Bodywork Service with
Professional Painting Booth

We have a professional painting booth, allowing us to fully finish the bodywork after repair.


Damaged bumper, door or roof? Our experienced bodywork service repairs all damage to truck bodywork fast. Our bodywork service also has its own professional painting booth. This unit is built in accordance with all safety and environmental standards (including inspected degassing system). 


A specially trained team works in our spraying booth. They have a wide range of varnishes and a command of the techniques needed to carry out repairs to the smallest detail. Every truck looks fantastic after they have completed their spraying tasks!