NSE has the facilities and experience to be able to offer a full gamut of warehousing services. From cross-docking and order picking to short- and long-term storage.


Our activities are centred on our 2.200 m2 warehouse, ideally located at an easy-to-access site by the main approach road to the port of Zeebrugge. It is equipped with four loading and unloading quays and a large car park. So you see, we meet all the requirements for optimal warehouse management.


Our fleet of modern forklift trucks and our knowhow enable us to handle all type of goods. Our specialisation is stripping and repacking deep sea cargoes for traditional means of transport (and vice versa).


The excellent location close to the GIP Zeebrugge customs office (border inspection post) means we can quickly call for assistance from the relevant authorities to assess any damaged goods and clear them.


NSE has extensive experience in cross-docking. Transferred goods are moved to trailers and containers in a fast and efficient process.


Our cross-docking services make NSE a full partner in the customer’s supply chain. All palletised goods, including deep sea containers, are handled efficiently, due to our experience and warehousing facilities equipped specially for that purpose. Customers can be confident that transfers will be completed without loss of time.

Order Picking

We consolidate goods in the warehouse and redistribute them over various trucks/semitrailers. Our trained forklift truck drivers ensure orders are picked without errors time and time again.


Order picking is one of the most important activities in our warehouses. The stored goods are loaded into trailers and/or containers in accordance with established procedures using state-of-the-art forklift trucks. The forklift truck drivers have all necessary certificates and licences, and strictly follow all safety rules. And all operations in our warehouse are monitored closely by CCTV, in full compliance with privacy laws. An internal and external prevention advisor regularly checks that the whole order picking process is carried out in accordance with industry standards.

Short & Long-Term Storage

Need to store goods temporarily? Our 2.200m² warehouse provides safe and secure short- and long-term storage in optimal conditions for all sorts of cargo.


The NSE warehouse in the port of Zeebrugge offers all the space and facilities needed for goods storage. The enclosed location is optimally protected by CCTV and equipped with a high-grade alarm system. Our employees are trained to handle any short- or long-term assignment.