Transport is NSE’s core business. We have been providing domestic and international road haulage services from the port of Zeebrugge for over 35 years. We have a modern, perfectly maintained fleet of 120 trucks and a large selection of trailers and containers, ensuring we are able to respond very flexibly to all customer demands.


What you can expect from us:

  • Container transport of all types of cargoes for shipping companies, with safe storage of containers at our own secure site.
  • Trailer transport with standard semitrailers or mega, coil, joloda, flat trailers equipped for ferry transhipment.
  • Very flexible service including last-minute and just-in-time orders.
  • Delivery reliability with a fleet less than two years old, kept in perfect condition by our own team of mechanics.
  • A team of well-trained experienced drivers are directed with state-of-the-art technology by the dispatchers.

Short & Deep Sea Transport

NSE arranges transport to destinations across Europe from the port of Zeebrugge in association with short sea and deep sea shipping companies.


Short sea transport is primarily going to such countries as the United Kingdom and Ireland. Scandinavia is also a popular short sea destination. Our main business is covered and container transport of beverages (alcohol, water and soft drinks) and general cargo.


To guarantee goods safety, every cargo is transferred to sealed containers wherever possible, in the cross-docking area on the NSE site.


Deep sea shipping companies can contract NSE for the transport of all types of container arriving in Zeebrugge from the Americas, Asia and the Far East to destinations across Europe. Transport in the other direction (export) is also possible.


We use our own trucks and containers or work with subcontractors. We always look for the most economic solution.


NSE has a very large fleet, ensuring that we can take on every type of transport:


  • Bulk containers
  • Tank containers
  • 20DV, 30DV, 40DV, 40HC en 45HC containers

All logistical processes are coordinated and monitored by our own dispatch department. We use our own integrated software package NaviTrans to ensure proper scheduling, optimal tracking and clear reporting of all transports. That helps us rise to even the most complex logistical challenges.

National & International Transport

At NSE we are committed to running our own fleet of well-maintained state-of-the-art trailers.


We have the most advanced trucks available on today’s market, all in perfect condition. All our vehicles are always available for immediate sale. That allows us to keep our fleet up to date at all times, an extra guarantee of safe transport for customers.

NSE holds all required permits for domestic and international transport. We are fully compliant with all domestic and international transport rules. As a member of the transport federation, together with the Port Authority and our customers we regularly attend seminars on changes to legislation and procedures.


Our drivers are an essential part of our transport service. They are professionally trained, fully aware of all rules and regulations and optimally managed by our dispatch department. All journeys are registered by a state-of-the-art onboard computer, too. This BlackBox system is integrated into the scheduling software, ensuring watertight control of driving and rest times and efficient communication with drivers on journeys and routes. 


Our well-equipped fleet can be deployed flexibly to ensure we are able to complete all guaranteed door-to-door transports, goods deliveries and just-in-time drop-offs as agreed.


The e-commerce boom has fuelled a sharp rise in demand for goods delivery by road. As an experienced transporter with extensive warehousing facilities, at NSE we can support our customers in this area. Our fleet is ready 24/7 to transport goods between various European distribution centres. And customers can also pick up their small cargoes from our warehouse.


As well as domestic and international road transport, NSE also shunts containers and goods within the port of Zeebrugge. We have a separate fleet of shunt trucks to that end.


Our shunting department is specialised in moving goods that arrive in the port of Zeebrugge and have to be moved from quay to quay or from warehouse to quay. For that, customers can use our fleet of shunt trucks, which can be deployed flexibly. These compact trucks are exclusively used for short distances within the port or between the ports of Zeebrugge, Gent, Ostend and Antwerp.

NSE’s shunting service is primarily supplemental to the deep sea transport service. The shunt trucks ensure that all material is ready when needed for further transportation by road. This ensures that our drivers lose no time when picking up their cargo at the quay or in the warehouse.

Like our other trucks, the shunt trucks are scheduled and managed centrally by the dispatching service. This guarantees an efficient service without time loss for customers.

Export and import of palletised goods

NSE takes care of export and import of palletised goods for customers throughout Europe. Your goods will be delivered on time through our extensive network, if needed in association with specialised partners.


Goods that arrive in the port of Zeebrugge are sorted into appropriate transports (trailer or container). We can then guarantee customers safe, prompt door-to-door delivery through a network that extends across the whole of Europe.


For regions that we do not serve ourselves, such as Scandinavia, southern Europe and elsewhere, we have worked for many years with specialised external partners.

Our Fleet

NSE has an extensive fleet for container and trailer transport (curtainside, coil and mega). The trucks are replaced constantly, a strategic decision that gives customers peace of mind that their cargo is always transported with the latest and greatest vehicles.


Our fleet comprises 120 trucks. Each truck is equipped with cutting-edge navigation and communication technology, a prerequisite for NSE. We currently use Trimble’s sixth generation CarCube onboard computers, a high-performance system that allows the dispatching service to track every cargo closely and give optimal support to drivers.

To meet customer demands, we also have 700 trailers of various types:

  • Curtainside trailers
  • Coil (curtainside trailers with coil gutter for steel coils)
  • Mega
  • Joloda
  • Flat
  • Chassis: 20 ft, 20-30 ft, 30 ft, 20 ft (met 2 of 3 assen), 40-45 ft, 40-45 ft goosenecks

Sustainable transport
is a top priority for a company like NSE. Our fleet is regularly upgraded, ensuring that all trucks meet the Euro 6 emission standard for diesel engines. Our trucks are systematically inspected in our garage – from tyre pressure to particle filter. As well as focusing on safe driving, our drivers also learn to drive as economically and environmentally friendly as possible so as to keep their consumption down.